I Guess Introductions Are In Order?

Hi, my pen name is Becky Tide and I am a girl who struggles with anxiety (particularly social anxiety), depression and procrastination. I’m in my 20’s and am just starting to actually put my goals down on paper and create action steps for them. Obviously with anxiety and depression that can be a little difficult (or a lot depending upon severity) and it has taken me quite a while to get to this initial step.

I didn’t do so well in my A-levels, due to my mental health, and had to retake year 12 but couldn’t handle a third year so never did year 13, (I like to consider myself a high school dropout) and, as such, I have not been to university. I did; however, manage to complete A-level psychology and barely passed it, although I was capable of a higher grade had my own psychology not interfered (ironic huh?), and I currently work from home as a dictation typist due to my mum being the admin manager for an online psychiatric firm.

I may not be a highly trained professional in, well anything really, and I may not have any degrees, but I do read self-improvement books and am working on improving my own mental health and finding what works for me. My aims are firstly to share my own experiences, secondly sharing my opinions on difficult topics and thirdly to share things I learn that helps me in my life that may help you too.

My intention with this blog is primarily for it to be a safe space for women to uplift and empower each other, be they struggling with mental health issues, feel stuck in life or have been through things that no one should ever have to go through. You are not alone and you can recover. I hope men can find this blog useful too, just, you know alter gender pronouns and anything else to make it more applicable for you, but this blog is primarily to help women, from all walks of life, to be the strong, capable, amazing and talented women that I know they can be.

I am a bit of a procrastinator, and as stated above, I struggle with anxiety and depression so I may unintentionally not post as often as I would like to, but don’t worry that is definitely something I am working on and I have not forgotten you. 🙂

… … …

Whatever happens, don’t forget to smile!

Becky xx

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