How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Overcome Anything

“You don’t deserve x, y, z because you don’t do / are so this, that or the other.” or maybe, “I want never gets and may I please sometimes does.” Sound familiar? Or any variant? Yes? I thought so.

You see, it is thought patterns like these that hold us back. We don’t believe we are worthy of our heart’s desires because we have the ingrained belief that either there is something wrong with us or it is unlikely to happen so there is no point in us even trying.

But where do these thoughts come from?

More often than not, they come from our childhood. The people who we love the most, who we look up to the most, either knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally programme our minds with the words they most often say to us.

If what we mostly hear is language such as the above, then that is what we will grow up to believe. With such language, we can damage and hurt ourselves and others in a way that is so very subtle that it is so very hard to uproot.

The first example came from my mother. This is something that she had been told so many times by her grandmother. “You don’t deserve to buy a nice house because you don’t keep your current one nice and tidy.” and things of that nature.

The second example comes from me. Whenever I wanted something, my father would always say it to me. Even if I asked nicely, it wouldn’t happen, or it was less likely to.

So, subconsciously, both my mother and I have learned that we are unworthy of what we want and there is no point in trying to get what we want. It took me until only recently to realise where my own feelings of unworthiness came from, and that awareness only came about from making my Manifestation Ritual a more regular habit.

We need to rewire our minds to think positively about ourselves and others.

To Overcome Anything We Must…

Define the problem
Collect the facts and analyse
Develop solutions
Carry decision into action
Follow up results

To Do This We Must Have…

AWARENESS – of our unpleasant emotions / erroneous beliefs and that there is indeed a problem.

RECOGNITION – of what the problem is, where it came from and the need for change.

ACCEPTANCE – of the problem’s existence, of the need for change and that it will take time to do so.

DESIRE from within – for self-improvement and to overcome the problem.

The BELIEF –  that we can change, that we are worthy of that change and that we can make our lives better.

ACTION – take steps to change and to seek help, from our loved ones and professionals as and when needed.

Constant EVALUATION – of the efficacy of your action steps.

And repeat as often as needed until long after the desired change has been effected.

Some things to try:

Mantras are a great way to help replace negative thought patterns with more loving, positive ones.

A Manifestation Ritual is a great way to help focus your mind on what it is you actually want and, by connecting with the Divine, taking steps to reaching your full potential (see previous posts on Manifesting Your Desired Reality and Infinite Possibilities, Infinite Realities).

Download How to Get Anything You Want which combines mantras, the manifestation ritual and the above steps, all in one handy reference guide.

We also need to recognise that words have incredible power and we must therefore use them wisely.

For those who have children, you must, for their sake, learn to find healthy ways of approaching your concerns about them. You must never belittle them, or say they are unworthy of or don’t deserve what they want, whether it be using words that clearly say “you are unworthy / undeserving of this thing”, or it is by a more subtle approach. You must learn to recognise the words you say and the possible messages they convey and then correct them. Otherwise, your children will grow up to believe that they can never achieve and so they don’t, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7), unless someone or something intervenes with this viscous cycle of self-doubt.

But this also applies to every single person, regardless of age, race, religion etc., that we come in contact with. We should only ever be using words of kindness and love one to another, most especially when we have an issue with them. Heated arguments often lead to words or actions said / done with later regret. It damages ourselves and all others involved.

Our thoughts become our reality. We must learn to control them, to replace them with better, positive, healthier alternatives (mantras can help with this). We must believe we are worthy of all our heart’s desires and we must only be desiring good and wholesome things, for the betterment of our own lives and the lives of others.

We must control our interactions with others and be people who only uplift others with gentle correction, coming from a place of love and empathy.

In short, we must learn to be more Christ-like, more God-like, more aligned with our Divine Potential.

Whatever happens, don’t forget to smile!

Becky xx

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