First Time Surfer

You know that magical feeling when you’re on holiday and sat lazing by the beach? The feeling of peace and well-being , like you just want to stay here like this forever? The refreshing, rejuvenating, relaxing atmosphere that helps you tackle your problems when you come back home?

Well that’s the kind of feeling I want to have with me always. That is the basis of the Beach Babe and Vacay philosophy. That no matter what life throws at you, you can bounce back and ride the waves with a smile and a grateful heart.

It may sound slightly paradoxical, but I am actually terrified of deep water. I have feared deep water since I was a kid, maybe around three years old, when my aunt’s dog pushed me into the swimming pool and my older brother had to rescue me. (I know garden swimming pools aren’t usually deep but to me as a little kid it was), It was further reinforced when I was 13 and taken downstream by a fast flowing river, clearly I survived. But I do still love the water as long as I am not in too deep. Seriously even water that is creeping up to my neck makes me feel very anxious. Just being by the water, or even walking ankle deep in the ocean, is enough to help my troubles wash away, if even for a moment.

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway.

In March 2017, I went to Mexico on a women’s yoga and surf retreat. There I met Shannon Kaiser, an inspirational and truly amazing woman, and learned to surf. Well … kinda. I mostly stayed on the surfboard trying to acclimatise myself to being outside of my comfort zone on a board rocking in the waves, but you catch my drift. 🙂

First day out in the ocean, a wave knocked me off the board and my head went underwater. You have no idea how petrified I was. I thought I was gonna die. I managed to get back to the surface and climb back on my board and even kinda rode a wave back to the shore. It was more like a cobra pose on the board but it still felt pretty amazing. And then, I got back out to sea.

I didn’t do much “surfing”, and I didn’t go back into the water during most of the week, partially due to anxiety, feeling a little unwell as well as Mother Nature, but I did do something that terrified me, and I did something I had always wanted to try.

The Take Home.

Although I don’t plan to try my hand at surfing again any time soon, I may try again in the future perhaps, but I can say I am proud of myself for pushing outside of my comfort zone and trying it anyway. When we are on holiday we try something new. So why not bring that back home with us? Why not bring the magic of the beach and our vacations with us into our everyday life? Life can be an adventure to enjoy and learn from if only we open our hearts, minds and souls to that glorious possibility.

… … …

How do you want your everyday life to feel? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Whatever happens, don’t forget to smile!

Becky xx

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