About Me

I am a girl in her 20’s who loves reading and learning about personal development. I struggle with anxiety and depression due to childhood abuse and am slowly recovering from it. My aim is to help you improve your life for the better. I am by no means an expert and I have no degrees or qualifications, apart from GCSEs, but I do have experience with my own issues and finding what works best for me.

I love fiction and you may (scratch that, you will) see some fandom references scattered throughout my blog. I believe that fiction can help us learn new things. Things like empathy and love. Through reading about the lives of fictional characters, we become attached to them, we empathise with them and we begin to feel their pain and sorrows. We cry when they or their loved ones die. We put ourselves in their shoes. In essence we can learn how to be human from fiction.

I love travel, despite my social anxiety, and have dreams of travelling the world. So far, I have only been to two countries by myself but I am slowly working on that. Through travel we learn new ideas, new languages, new cultures, new ways of being. We get to experience the world through a stranger’s eyes. We can come to realise the insignificance of our problems in comparison to others’.

Why do I blog?

Because I want to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I want to the world to be a better place, but I’m shy, I’m anxious and I am an introvert. I stumble over my words, but I can write.

I know words have power. And I am the type for whom the written word is easier to take in and remember new information. With the written word, there is evidence, visual evidence of a person’s thoughts and feelings, whereas the spoken word, people can promptly forget and it is lost. With the written word, you can save the information for later and keep coming back to it. With the written word, new people can stumble across it.

That’s why I blog. Because for me, it’s the easiest form of communication and it can potentially reach many more people than the spoken word alone.

I blog to share light and warmth to the world. I blog to be a beacon of hope to others. I blog to keep the darkness of this world at bay, one single written word at a time.

I blog for myself. I blog for you. I blog for the world. I blog because I am my Father in Heaven’s tools on this Earth. I blog because it means that there is one extra drop of goodness in the ocean of this world. I blog because if I don’t then who will? I cannot guarantee that another blogger’s opinions 100% matches my own. How can they? They are their own unique selves.

I blog, and will continue to blog, even when times get tough, because if I quit, then the Devil’s already won and I cannot allow that.